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Solution Manual (Complete Download) for Strategic Management and Business Policy, 11/E, Thomas L. Wheelen, David L. Hunger, ISBN-10: 013232346X, ISBN-13: 9780132323468, Instantly Downloadable Solution Manual, Complete (ALL CHAPTERS) Solution Manual


David L. Hunger · Thomas L. Wheelen

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Solution Manual for Strategic Management and Business Policy, 11/E, Thomas L. Wheelen, David L. Hunger, ISBN-10: 013232346X, ISBN-13: 9780132323468

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Downloadable Instructor’s Solution Manual for Strategic Management and Business Policy, 11/E, Thomas L. Wheelen, David L. Hunger, ISBN-10: 013232346X, ISBN-13: 9780132323468, Instructor’s Solution Manual (Complete) Download

This is not an original TEXT BOOK (or Test Bank or original eBook). You are buying Solution Manual. A Solution Manual is step by step solutions of end of chapter questions in the text book. Solution manual offers the complete detailed answers to every question in textbook at the end of chapter. Please download sample for your confidential. All orders are safe, secure and confidential.
Table of Contents

PART ONE Introduction to Strategic Management and Business Policy

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts in Strategic Management

Chapter 2 Corporate Governance

Chapter 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Management

PART TWO Scanning the Environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis

Chapter 5 Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis

PART THREE Strategy Formulation

Chapter 6 Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy

Chapter 7 Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy

Chapter 8 Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice

PART FOUR Strategy Implementation and Control

Chapter 9 Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action

Chapter 10 Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing

Chapter 11 Evaluation and Control

PART FIVE Other Strategic Issues

Chapter 12 Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation

Chapter 13 Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Businesses

Chapter 14 Strategic Issues in Not-For-Profit Organizations

PART SIX Introduction to Case Analysis

Chapter 15 Suggestions for Case Analysis


[No case solution available for 11e. instead of 11e case solution, this package will contain 12e Case solutios. Please check the attached sample]

SECTION A   SUGGESTIONS FOR CASE METHOD TEACHING                                                   Page
Suggestions for Using Cases    A-1
Structuring the Course    A-10
Cases Organized by Strategic Decision-Making Process    A-11
Cases Organized by Level of Difficulty    A-13
Suggestions for using mini-cases    A-14
Course Outlines    A-16
Case Analysis Evaluation Form    A-20


Handout for Students    B-1
(Also available at our Web site:


1.    The Recalcitrant Director at Byte, Inc.: Corporate Legality Versus Corporate Responsibility    1-1
2.    The Wallace Group, Inc.    2-1
3.    Hershey Foods Company: Board of Directors and Stakeholders  Conflict over Sale    3-1
4.    The Audit    4-1
5.    Everyone Does It    5-1
6.    Li & Fung – The Global Value Chain Configurator    6-1
7.    Starbuck’s Coffee Company: The Indian Dilemma    7-1
8.    Turkcell: The Only Turk on Wall Street    8-1
9.    Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal: Honduras.    9-1
10.    Apple Computer and Steven P. Jobs: Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Company    10-1
11.    McAfee (2005): Antivirus and Antispyware    11-1
12.    Reorganizing Yahoo!.    12-1
13.    Google: An Internet Search Service Company    13-1
14.    TiVo, Inc.: TiVo vs. Cable and Satellite DVR: Can TiVo survive?     14-1
15.    Marvel Entertainment    15-1
16.    Harley – Davidson, Inc.2008: Thriving Through Recession    16-1
17.    JetBlue Airways: Growing Pains?    17-1
18.    Carnival Corporation & plc(2006):Twelve Distinct Brands Serving Seven Continents    18-1
19.    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Under Attack (2006)    19-1
20.    Home Depot, Inc. (2006): Executive Leadership    20-1
21.    The Future of Gap Inc.     21-1
22.    Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory, Inc    22-1
23.    Inner-City Paint Corporation (Revised).    23-1
24.    The Haier Group: U.S. Expansion    24-1
25.    The Carey Plant.    25-1
26.    Invacare Corporation, 2004    26-1
27.    Wal-Mart and Vlasic Pickles    27-1
28.    Whole Foods Market (2005): Will There Be Enough Organic Food to Satisfy a Growing Demand?    28-1
29.    Panera Bread Company: Rising Fortunes?    29-1
30.    Church & Dwight Builds a Corporate Portfolio    30-1



31.    Dell, Inc.    D-1
32.    Six Flags, Inc.: The 2006 Business Turnaround    D-2
33.    Lowe’s Companies, Inc.     D-3
34.    Movie gallery, Inc.    D-13.